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Acharya Sumit Ranjan

(11 Years Of Experience )

Language : Hindi, English
Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Career, Love affair, Gemology, Wealth, Relationship, Marriage


Astrologer Biography :

Acharya Sumit Ranjan have 11+ years of experience in practicing Vedic Astrology and have provided guidance and solutions to thousands of people for Relationship, Finance, Health, Career, Education related issues. I help my clients by being very honest and transparent in my predictions, I never manipulate astrological facts for giving false commitments and hopes. I provide modern guidance and solutions, combining traditional and scientific remedies in astrology. I have clients from India and Abroad. I strongly believe that, If utilized with appropriate understanding, good intention and relevant vision, astrology can really act as a great facilitator to human lives and make things congenial for us to operate. Acharya Sumit Ranjan provide the most rightful consultancies over Gem Stone, Match making, legal matters, Travel Abroad and Birth Time. Till date, he has received several appraisals and acknowledgements for the contribution of his work in the field of astrology.

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  • 14' October



    Rakshit Jain

    I ws living a lonely life nd decided to give up on all hope... My family introduced me to Acharya Sumit ,, a Brahmatells astrologer who helped me find my inner light nd sparked my interest in several fields. I cannot b more grteful. ..

  • 23' October



    Amrit Bahirwani

    I faced mid-life crisis and lost all hope in my life. I decided to seek the help of an astrologer who helped me find my importance in life. I now lead a productive and enthusiastic life with no regrets at all.

  • 10' November



    Naveen Roy

    I am a businessman and I wanted to setup my new shop, astrologer Sumit Ranjan provided me with a lot of useful information regarding vastu and thanks to him and I am flourishing in my business and I am living a happy life. Brahmatells is a savior.

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