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Dr. Vishnu Kant Shukla

(31 Years of Experience)

Language : Hindi
Expertise : Vedic astrology, Vastu , Numerology, Marriage, Love, KP astrology, Lal kitab , Medical astrology, Palmistry, Tarot reader, Reiki healer, Finance


Astrologer Biography :

I am professional astrologer ,I am professor in astrology and teaching in astrology department in Lucknow University , I have done PhD in astrology from rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Dimmed University in Delhi , I have given international and national seminars 1000+, I have a channel in YouTube, I have analysed many celebrities and professional business man's , I can tell about in the fields of vedic astrology, vastu , numerology, marriage, Love, K P astrology, Lal kitab , medical astrology, analysis palm, terocard reader, reki healer, finance ,astrochild etc, and in many channels on TV and radio channel, newspaper etc and popular videos of mine is famous all over the world , I also do puja for garh Shanti, vastu Shanti and I live in Lucknow .

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