Astrologer Details


Milan Pandey

(19 Years of experience)

Language : Hindi
Expertise : Vedic Astrology


Astrologer Biography : is proud to have Astrologer Milan Pandey Son of Renowned Astrologer Ratibhan Pandey on board. He hails from traditional Hindu family background and has ample experience in the field of Astrology. He has been practicing Astrology from the past ten years and possesses a reputed clientele to boast of. Being a multi-faceted talent, he has gathered several Clients in India and abroad. He is also well-versed in different aspects of Hindu Astrology as Vastu, Vedic Astro, Palmistry, etc. His expertise lies in Horoscope matching, reading birth charts, marriage analysis, and the troubled areas of your life. He is known to give accurate predictions about your life, career, marriage, and every other aspect of life. He suggests effective remedies to ward-off the negatives from your birth chart and gift you a good and successful life. He offers gemstones, yantras, chants as a part of the remedy. Connect with Brahmatells for a telephone conversation today and move towards a better life.

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